Sunday, August 11, 2013

Car walking

Here’s my small rant and photographic gesture of support for “car walking” and pedestrian power. When a vehicle encroaches onto or idles in a crosswalk at an intersection and doesn't back off or acknowledge your presence and his or her mistake with, say, a tip of the cap or another humble sign of recognition, I advocate walking on up over the hood of the car and continuing on your gallant way. If the driver happens to exit the vehicle with the intent to harm (because, well, some people seem to imagine their autos to be extensions of themselves), then they have just surrendered the perks of about 4,000 pounds of power, and you can choose from a repertoire of possibilities to put them comfortably on the road, preferably in either a supine or prone position. A well-placed boot usually does the trick. 

In Munich, Germany, one advocate for pedestrian rights has taken to the practice of car walking when vehicles park on the sidewalk.  He has also proceeded to challenge unruly motorists by walking slowly in the street to calm overzealous and speeding drivers, who threaten the safety of walkers and bikers.

Here are two videos about his actions:

What do readers think?  

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